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Don't have a suitable photo but want to give someone a PopArtwork?

No problem! We also offer gift tokens, so that the recipient cab select their own photo and style. Just to make sure that your gift will be appreciated...

Is any image suitable for a PopArtwork

Basically yes and we put no limits on your fantasy. But please avoid photo that show the person in an embarrasing light. After all, with a perfect photo you've got a perfect gift!

Which style can I choose for my PopArtwork?

There are 12 differentstyles - see list below - but of course, you will find more information in our Online Shop as well.

PopArt Classic
This style isbased on Andy Warhol's Pop Art series featuring Marilyn Monroe. It is theseries representation of a motif in several different color combinations.

Pop Art Comic
This style isbased on Roy Lichtenstein's art. It is characterized by black contours, thehalftoning of solids and the speech bubble, in which you can enter yourpersonal message.

PopArt Comic My Style
The perfect giftfor fans of modern Comics and illustrations. Proportions are drawn by hand inthis Pop Art series.

Pop Art Basic
For purists, butnot only for them - this Pop Art style in mellow tints will wow all who likethe simple yet elegant.

Pop Art Agent
Send us yourcoolest picture and we turn you into a 007 Agent in no time. Legendary movieposters from the Agent-genre have inspired this style.

Pop Art Revolution
For real revolutionaries- and those who would like to become one! This style has been inspired by thelegendary Che Guevara. A perfect gift idea!

Pop Art Glamour
This Pop Art styleis very similar to the "Classic" style. However, we use even flashierand gaudier colors with "Glamour", which is especially enforced withlarge formats.

Pop Art Noir
This effect hasbecome well known in black & white movies such as "Schindler'sList" and "Rumble Fish" by Steven Spielberg and Francis FordCoppola. A shiny dash of color appears on a black & white picture and thusturns it into a real eyecatcher.

Pop Art Couture
The mostextravagant style in the collection of your Pop Art: with this series, yourpersonal artwork is refined with Swarovski crystals - the most elegant finishever!

Pop Art Exclusive
Another feature createdin the style of Andy Warhol. This style is based on Mao Tse-tung's world famousportrait.

Pop Art Avant garde
The seriesfeaturing The Beatles, created in this style has become world famous. Thedistinctive lineaments are drawn by hand, which gives them a particularemphasis.

Pop Art Passion

Passion was created for the passionate art lover. Regardless of which motif you choose, the new edition will jazz up your flat.


Have you found the perfect style yet? If yes, go to the OnlineShop !

How high must the quality of my photo be?

As a basic rule, the better the photo, the better the resulting PopArtwork, souse a camera offering four megapixel or an higher resolution! Portraits (head and shoulders) are the ideal format for PopArtworks.

Is it safe to pay online with a credit card?

If you want to pay in the Online Shop by credit card, your personal data are protected by our SSL System to guarantee your purchase details remain secure. We use Thawte softwarewhich employs 128-Bit encoding

Can I order sizes that are not listed on the website?

Of course, just send us your request and we will calculate the cost of your personal PopArtwork in the desired size.

Can I order an image of more than one person?

Basically yes - for example, you can create a unique gift for your family, your football club or colleagues. However, as it involves additional work and expense we must charge you EUR 30.00 for each extra person on the photo.

Can I cancel my order?

As long as the picture has not been edited, you can cancel your order at no charge. After editing we have to charge EUR 50.00 as a contribution towards the cost of work performed.

Can I check my PopArtwork before it is produced?

Of course! After editing, but before production, we always send an email with the draft artwork so that you can make any corrections or adjustments if necessary. We only finalize your PopArtwork after we’ve received your approval.

What can you not correct?

A “normal” correction does not include editing a new image for your PopArtwork or completely changing the style you selected. Naturally that can be done but we must make an extra charge to cover the work.

How does the Agent style look?

Pop Art Agent
Send us your coolest picture: within 007 days, we turn you into an undercover agent on photo paper or create a picture on canvas, in two different sizes.

How does the "Avant Garde" style look?

Pop Art Avant garde

Avantgarde Sketch:
Andy Warhol's avant-garde draw series featuring The Beatles is world famous. The distinctive lineaments are drawn by hand, which gives them a particular emphasis.

Avantgarde Draw: Avant Garde Draw series of The Beatles became world famous. With this method, prominent facial features are drawn by hand to give them special emphasis.

How does the Basic style look?

PopArtwork Basic
Simple image or all nine? With Basic Style, you can select from simple image or multiple images. Multiple images come as three, six, or nine individual pictures, which you can hang on the walls as you like.

How does the Classic style look?

PopArtwork Classic
Decide if you want a multiple image: select the single, double, triple, quadruple, sixfold or ninefold option (and, where applicable, horizontal or vertical). Plus you can choose from almost any colour combination.

How does the Comic My Style look?

PopArtwork Comic My Style
The difference from a normal PopArtwork ist that the outlines are drawn by hand, so this style pretty much resembles modern comics and illustrations. A loud background colour underlines this effect.

how does the Comic Style look?

PopArtwork Comic
Lichtenstein raised everyday culture to high art  - we do the same with your picture. Send us your picture and add a characteristic text, a personal message, or a slogan - and the surprise is guaranteed in Roy Lichtenstein's style!

How does the Couture style look?

PopArtwork Couture

The Couture Style Pop Art artwork comes in three versions: BASIC, CLASSIC and SUPERIOR.

CoutureBASIC: Simple Elegance

  • Both photo style and colors remain true to original
  • Finished on high quality artist canvas
  • The picture is refined with 100 Swarovski crystals

 CoutureCLASSIC: Classic in proper style

  • We turn your picture into a Pop Art picture
  • Finished on high quality artist canvas
  • The picture is refined with 100 Swarovski crystals

CoutureSUPERIOR: Pure Luxury

  • We turn your picture into a Pop Art picture
  • Finished on high quality artist canvas
  • The picture is refined with 100 Swarovski crystals
How does the Dots style look?

PopArtwork Dots

Not small-minded? Then get straight to the point with our Dots style, the perfect choice for you. Just choose whether you want to use this impressive effect for a single or multiple image of your favourite photo. Whichever you select, with the Dots style you're ahead of the trend.

How does the Exclusive style look?

PopArtwork Exclusive

"Exclusive" is another PopArt style created by Andy Warhol, as illustrated by the famous picture of Mao Tse-Tung which was recently auctioned for $ 17 million.

How does the Glamour style look?

PopArtwork Glamour
Screaming, gaudy, glaring, bold - this is what the Glamour Style is all about!

How does the Noir style look?

PopArtwork Noir

Black and white movies are fashionable again, but even cooler is a splash of colour ina monochrome sea. Remember how the "littler red girl" stoodout in Spielberg's Schindler's List?

Get yourself your personal Pop Art artwork in this special style or surprise your friends, family or colleagues!

What is the "Revolution" style like?

Pop Art Revolution
For real revolutionaries - and those who would like to become one! This style has been inspired by the legendary Che Guevara. A perfect gift idea!

What can you correct and how much does it cost?

Nothing for the first correction process!  It’s included in the price. You can adjust colours, background, image section and size. We can even enhance or soften colours if it’s technically feasible with your selected photo.

What happens if I order a “Canvas Print”?

With our special canvas print service you simply choose your best photo (e.g. a holiday picture) and send it as a digital file or as a hard-copy print from the photo lab. Digital photos should be taken with at least a four megapixel camera and can be either un-retouched or artistically modified in Photoshop. We print your photo on high quality canvas and mount it over a stretcher-frame. When it’s dry, it’s ready for delivery or collection. 

Basically any size between 50 X 50 centimetres and 140 X 200 cm is possible, variable in 10 cm steps.  If the quality of the image is not sufficient for a perfect work of art, we will contact you before editing the picture.

What should I avoid when choosing my favourite photo?

Any image that is very small, blurred, dark, overexposed or in the “bleed” format is not really suitable as a PopArtwork.

How do you deliver my PopArtwork?
Normally we use the postal service, with your PopArtword securely packed in shock-proof material and card-board. This is included in the price. On request we can send by express delivery, at an additional charge.
How do you deliver my Pop Art artwork?

Normally, we send them via postal mail, of course packed shock-proof. Upon request, we can also use EMS for delivery.

How does ordering via the Online Shop work?
It’s easy. In step one you select the size, style and colour combination of your personal PopArtwork. In step two you can upload your favourite image and enter your personal data. Check them again before submitting your order.
We edit your picture and send you an email  so you can preview your PopArt and approve it or ask for adjustments. Only after we get your approval do we go on and finalize it.
How can I order a PopArtwork and send you my photo?

Either go the Online Shop and follow the steps, or attach it to your own email ( You can also bring it along  to our studio personally or send it by post to: Medienproduktionsges.m.b.H, Seidengasse 33-35, Top 19, 1070 Wien.

How can I get further information about Your PopArt?

We are happy to offer extensive advice, naturally without any obligation, via email (, by phone (+43/1/523 37 90) or you can come along personally to our studio at Medienproduktionsges.m.b.H, Seidengasse 33-35, Top 19, 1070 Wien. Your questions matter to us!

How long is the production process?
We will have your personal PopArtwork ready for pick up or delivery within seven days of placing your order – whether it is for you or intended as a gift. If you do not or cannot collect, please allow additional time for delivery by whichever method you prefer, by normal post (no charge) or express delivery (for that we must pass on the extra charge).
How can I take the perfect picture for a PopArtwork?
Naturally try and use a very good camera and take your picture at the highest possible resolution setting that it offers (four megapixels at least). If it’s a portrait it should be chest-height. Avoid blurring and too much shadow across  the face. Stick to these simple guidelines and  there’s nothing to prevent you having the perfect PopArtwork for yourself or as a gift!
How can I know if my photo is good enough for an exclusive PopArtwork?

Nothing easier! Just send us your picture via email to We will take a look and give you our feedback on whether or not it’s suitable at no charge..

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